Elbows returns with new single “The Rain” to close out 2017, and provide a first look at his next release, the Sycamore EP, out January 26th. Opening with a long rewind, the booming track warps through musical eras, bouncing from a contemporary hip hop beat, to would-be samples of old school swing jazz, and touching on moments of drum & bass. The song is completed by a multidimensional sax solo from Tru Thought’s Sly5thAve, and also features longtime Elbows collaborator, Jachary, with his signature wah bass. 

Over production that combines damp synth pads and 808s with woodsy percussion and acoustic instrumentation, Elbows floats rap-sung melodies not unlike those of Anderson .Paak and Frank Ocean. Through vivid verses he reminisces on growing up in The Bay Area, from soured relationships to haunted strolls down Sycamore Street.

In May 2017 Elbows released his debut project, the Corduroy EP. Premiering on EARMILK, they said "[Elbows] is readying to take hip hop by storm. His beats are wondrous, combining elements of jazz, electronic and old boom bap sounds with interesting, often hilarious samples. His singing style is raspy, but cheery, taking on a fresh new persona for the genre. In addition to his musical stylings, his passions include dabbling in visual art and film, which translates well into his vast sonic landscapes and bright, colorful album art and single artwork."

After an intensive stretch of recording sessions that saw Elbows travel back and forth between San Francisco and New York, he amassed a body of work chronicling his upbringing in the foggy Bay Area. Corduroy serves as an encapsulating introduction to this larger collection, with songs shifting from dusty boom bap beats to oafish 808s, and from jazzy guitar chops to cloudy synth beds. Throughout the array of textures and tempos, Schieble’s comfortably peculiar persona emerges through witty, yet introspective lyrics, with song topics touching on self realization, relationship standoffs, and supporting family through dark times.

Corduroy is available on cassette tape here.